Porto Carras Resort
Halhidiki, Greece

Work done while employed as staff architect at Porto Carras Resort

Porto Carras Resort boasts approximately 170,000 acres, 4 hotels with over 1,000
rooms ranging from 5 star to boutique service, a marina, a working wine factory
with vineyards and tasting facilities, a golf course and club, a new
thelasso-therapy spa, endless beaches and much more.  It is possibly the largest
single property & resort in Europe with a rich history which includes royalty, world
class artists, political figures and international stars.  Porto Carras is undergoing
complete renovations which started in 2002, culminating in the European Union
Summit in 2003, and on-going today.

Vicki's role as a Staff Architect for almost 2 years, preceding and including the
time of the Summit, included heading up many projects and assisting in most
renovations throughout the resort where architectural input was required. Vicki
worked closely with an in-house engineering and construction team and spent as
much time in the field as in design and procurement required for numerous
extensive renovations and new projects. Her work included Villa Gallini boutique
residence & pool, wine tasting facility, golf club, assistance in certain renovations
at the Meliton Hotel, layout of thelasso-therapy spa, conference hall in Sithonia
Hotel, and more.
Ocean Key House Hotel
Key West, Florida

Work done while employed by Gonzalez Architects, Architect of Record

The project consists of converting an existing time share building and site into a 5
star hotel with amenities, while retaining the 120 guest rooms. In addition to
creating a restaurant, gift shop, and spa, the site was re-configured to provide
waterfront access to adjacent Mallory Square. Likewise, Sunset Pier was
completely renovated, including a new Bar and all new custom furniture.

Vicki's role as Project Manager included working with the hotelier's team, the City,
engineers and an in-house architectural team to oversee and coordinate the
planning and design of the project, various municipal approvals, and permit plans.
During constrution, Vicki played an active role in the construction administration
process as required for a complicated renovation project. In addition, Vicki
provided design and shop drawings for the construction of the new furniture and
bar at Sunset Pier.
Cardozo Hotel
Miami Beach, Florida

The project consists of design and planning for ground floor renovations to an
existing historic hotel in order to provide a fully functional restaurant, bar and
gift/sundry shop.

Vicki's role consisted of working with the owner and kitchen consultant to develop
the project. In addition, Vicki assisted the owner in obtaining the required
approvals from the City in working with a historic building.
Dorchester Hotel
Miami Beach, Florida

Work done while employed by Allan Shullman Architect, Architect of Record

The project consists of selected renovations to the site and first floor to create a
bar which will serve to connect the pool, lobby and front entry of hotel. In addition,
a new landscaping and hardscaping design to enhance the entry and parking
area, and for an existing courtyard.

Vicki's role included working with the owner to develop the design. This project
was not built.
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